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Back-End standard solutions

by #Alex Torrison

Parts / Составляющие / Child

Back-end complex logic on action

Many if Loops More 2 requests Check data Complex SQL Document Other API (optional)

Complex interface with different elements

Devide all interface to standard tasks Solve standard situation Create new standards for unique experience.

Create custom input for Admin system

Update config Create input model Make table view Make input view Add action Update action

Create layer component for complex code

Select code for optimization Make special class Check bugs Save info about usage of higher layer class / function

Create, update Admin Auto Tables

Change DataBase Change Config

Filters List with advanced functions

Controller Model mail request Select data requests Filter form Pagination classic AJAX more page On map view Main res / array / table Link on Button, Name, Image

Generation something by config

Prepare needed vars Make code Make config Rebuild code for work by config

Global back-end components

Auth Languages Currency Timezones Access system Documentation Core / abstract classes

Row landing page

Controller Get row Get relation res data Ajax forms SEO information

Этот объект часть других / Parent