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Project Management service ( What PM responsibilities?)

by #Alex Torrison
1) Get All information from client
2) Prepare full estimate table with time and costs + risks
3) Make tasks in Jira by Estimate doc and create special documents and folders in Google Drive
4) Organize Scrum development process
5) Control estimate time, spent time, advanced tasks, bugs fixing, refactoring, documentation, communication, testing, live deployment
6) Make reports with win tasks and lose tasks
7) Motivate team for finish project in time and estimated resources
8) Confirm advanced tasks with client
9) Update project elements table every sprint
10) Update and develop core project elements table for reuse in different projects
11) Looking for new people and looking for bad work and demotivation
12) Control technical standards and all time looking for optimal solutions


- Prepare Project Elements (Estimate, Risks, LIVE, QA, PM)
- Prepare User Stories
- Every Week make Scrum meeting
- Daily small meeting
- Get questions and communicate with client
- Answer questions
- Every Week Sprint End Meetings
- Sprint Reports
- Update Project Elements
- Update User Stories
- QA Meetings
- Project Elements Finalization (Estimate, Spent, Bugs, Advanced, LIVE, QA, PM)

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