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PHP Back-End + Full-stack Development Base Constructions

by #Alex Torrison

Parts / Составляющие / Child

Back-End Auth system Classic

Users Groups Users_Groups Login Register Forget Profile Good example: http://benedmunds.com/ion_auth/

Back-End CRUD Interface

Interface: Filters, Pagination, Add, Del buttons Table: SQL Request + Filters Edit, Delete AJAX actions: JQuery.Forms for: get_table add_request edit_reqiest del_request ADD Form + Request

Back-End prepare System Elements and/or Manual document

System Elements - all parts Doc - To do list Questions Use/Test cases Manual

Back-End Data Logic

1) Foreach $res and make NEW UPDATED $res 2) Make complex login before INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE

Back-End HTTP / API Requests

1) Make requests by file_get_contents or CURL 2) Parse JSON, XML, HTML 3) Save data by SQL and/or show on View

Back-End Top-API get custom data

Google API + PHP SDK Facebook API + PHP SDK Instagram... etc.

Back-End Mailing

Send mail Class Mailers API connections Mail HTML Templates

Back-End Basic Access and Security

Check access by DataBase / Access storage data Check for SQL inj, XSS, Shell.php attacks

Back-End Optimization and Denormalization

Make triggers Save information in Documents Check for true data

Back-End AutoTables 2 level Generators

Prepare system Make config Make flexible code

Back-End Browser extensions control

Special platform with tasks and database

Back-End build API

MVC with views in JSON, XML, some time HTML

Back-End Files works

Upload files Preload in Front-End Crop/Resize File types Files security

Back-End Localization

MultiLanguages Currency TimeZones GeoLocation (HTML5 + IP)

Back-End Users tracking

Save users data in Cookie Save actions in database

Development documents and communication

Task / To Do Visual, Use case, Logic Agree/Advanced/Questions Make Document: To Do + How to make it + How to test/use Testing Agree/Advanced/Questions Recicle... All done Close tasks / Finalize document / Clean DONE !!!

PHP Back-End Single AJAX or Single Page

Simple / Complex 1 page Action or Page

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