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Programming Management

by #Alex Torrison

Parts / Составляющие / Child


1 simple part = 1 system or 1 interface Doc with description with developers = 1-4h (from 10-40$) Docs in Folders + Main Doc + Table (from 1h) Time, Costs 50-90% win probability - 1 Object = 10 minutes - Any system can be divided for 10

Free Programming rules

- Native SQL - OK! (Important intval(), floatval(), PDO::quote() for SQL injection defence) - $_POST, $_GET - OK! But if it in View must be Filtered from XSS - PHP Code, Small business Logic in View - OK! - SQL in Controller / Models - OK!

PHP XSS Filtering

[/div>[/textarea>"'[script>alert(111)[/script> foreach ($_POST as $key => $value) if (is_array($value)) foreach and replace else $value replace "open_tag" to "<" replace "\""

Programming Management methods / actions

Назначить задачу - 20-30 минут на 1-3 дня >> Development Core features add/update CRUD add/update CRUD custom logic add/update Advanced component add/update Advanced logic add/update AJAX and API add/update Controller Ajax acti

Regular programming processes

============= Abstract ============== SESSION Data Base Data XSS / SQLinj Secure Auth system Access Rules Language System ============= Controller ============== Load SQL Request Model Request (ORM) Pagination Filters Order by Save / Ad

Test Task for Web-Developer

Web-Site in any Framework (Easy design / Bootstrap 3) DataBase users users_friends users_comments Authorisation System - Login - Register After Login Inside Web-Interface

Этот объект часть других / Parent