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Interface Description Manual / Project Specification Template / ТЗ

by #Alex Torrison
Screen / Module Name
URL: _________________
=========== Use Data ===========
SQL Request from DB or ORM Class Names
Orders WHERE User = current_user
=========== Show in View ===========
(From Top-Left to Bottom-Right)
FOR: Users
=========== Page Actions ===========
AJAX Delete User
AJAX Request
Callback + remove
=========== Mini Module ============
AJAX Show User Data
OnClick AJAX get User JSON
Fill Pop-up Window
Close icon
=========== Done IF / Testing ===========
Click Add btn
Fill Form
Click Save
Look in Pending Deals
Approve it in Pending Deals
Edit in Business / Offers
Save Edit
Look in Offer Screen Info
Check Delete

Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ryfk1YMO3A7fUHzpBpj8eRZUd0ZwyyDhktmZDLNeaMw/edit?usp=sharing

Parts / Составляющие / Child

Основные элементы интерфейсов

=========== Get/Set Data =========== Send Data to Server: POST[KeyWord] GET[KeyWord] FILES[KeyWord] Send types: Submit, AJAX (+Callback) Save Data to: SQL DataBase [Row, Rows to Table, Tables, 1-many, many-many] S

Этот объект часть других / Parent